Pooja + Akash, Our Home Wedding

Home Weddings have always been a favourite with us at Castle Rock Events. A home wedding has more intimacy than any other. Of course we all don’t have the luxuries of a sprawling lawn or that perfect backdrop but if you look around, you will find something close. Goa is home to many luxury hotels but we are also home to many boutique properties. We chose one such villa property for our wedding.

Being wedding planners, we knew we wanted a very limited guest list and we were very certain that we had to choose a property that didn’t remind us of work. I was always fascinated by farm house weddings in Delhi where the families shift to one villa and the celebrations take place there. Just when we began scouting for venues is when we came across this beautiful chain of properties by Postcard. We chose the one closest to our homes and with the most beautiful tree. It was always my dream to marry under a tree as a tree signifies growth for me and what better way to grow in life.


Weddings for me have always been personal. They can’t be about showmanship and we had to double the effort from our end to keep it all meaningful. We both are into wedding decor and it could easily be a decor spectacle but our choices were all focussed to keep it simple and personal. We chose two villas and shifted there with our families for the 3 days. We took a small property closeby to accommodate 100 of our closest friends, family and VoilA! We had the best party of our lives!

Today, with CoVid-19 posing a severe threat to large gatherings and travels, I strongly recommend Home Weddings. We live in apartments too but we managed to find a villa property and designed everything around it. It may come as a surprise to many but there are many such properties in Goa which are willing to open their doors to weddings. Where there is a will, there is a way! Give us a chance to enter your homes and design the most beautiful day of your life in spaces that tell the story of your family, of vacations you took, of childhood summers. Home Weddings are special and they do happen – We had one! Give us a chance to plan yours. We promise to make it a day to remember.

Thank you The Wedding Filmer for inspiring me to tell my home wedding story. Hope to collaborate with you on a home wedding very soon!