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At Castle Rock Events a.k.a CRE, we plan events that showcase you and your journey, crafting moments that will last with you forever. We design and execute not only beautiful weddings and events, but also personal, bespoke experiences that are carefully curated to be a true reflection of you.

We are wedding designers, planners, stylists.
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What We Do

Wedding Designing

At CRE, weddings are our absolute favourite and design is our one true love. We leave a little piece of our heart every time we design a wedding. We strongly believe it is your day and our designs should reflect you.

Wedding Planning

We are here to handle all the logistics and nitty gritties related to your event. Our team of planners and organisers will ensure, you and your guests are taken care of. It helps that we are a team of people with OCD for the tiniest detail.

Special Occasions

From “Will You?” to “I Do!”, all that comes before, in between and after that can be designed and organised by CRE. We customise all details and work our magic as planners to make sure your special occasion is executed to perfection.


Whether it is a pop up, a pre-wedding shoot, or a launch, we can style the perfect set up for you. Our team of stylists is always looking for new challenges and avenues.


I am CastleRock. On the face of it, I will seem like just another Castle, but step inside and I have many a story to tell. Just like most Indians, my creator, Pooja Ghotage Sitani, was an engineer by education. I was brewing under the surface ever since she was young. I was spoken about a lot. Years passed, but the creative in her never died down, and cometh 2017, I was created.

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