I am Pooja Ghotage. An electronics engineer by education, a software developer by accident, and a marketer at heart.

Being an avid reader, I always had a vivid imagination, and as a child, design, art and spaces always fascinated me. I channelled this imagination as I started CRE when I was 24. Having been to many weddings, grand and intimate, I realized that they mostly lacked a personal touch and didn’t focus on the couple’s journey. With CRE, I wanted to do just that – give people a way to tell their story the way they want it to be told.

I am often asked whether I studied this or whether I have worked in this industry before? No!

Do I take inspiration from other designs and designers? Yes, but it has been a conscious decision to create my own style.

At CRE, we like to design experiences. Each person is unique; the story is unique and so should the experience be. Our name reflects a similar story – Castle Rock is a beautiful village located in the Western Ghats. It is my native village and I had the privilege of living here for the first 4 years of my life. It reminds me of my roots and where I come from. Till date, the village is fresh, pristine and very very beautiful.

When I started CRE, these were the exact ethos I wanted us to build on. Our ideas, designs and our work strongly reflect the same sensibilities. It is our constant endeavour to provide all our clients with a Bespoke Experience; one that is Pretty, Fresh, Clean and Classic!

I am always up for a quick chat so drop in to our Castle to say Hi! Or just send me a message at

Our Work

Let’s start planning

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