As we were indoors due to CoVid-19, we picked up quite a few hobbies. One such hobby has paved the way to Balcony makeovers. We spent a considerable part of our lockdown time to design cute comfortable corners in our homes. From being the most ignored part of your homes, to doing it up in a budget friendly way, let #teamCRE work their magic in 4-5 hours.

CRE Balcony Makeover Fee : Rs. 5,000/-

Any other items from our inventory list that you’d like to purchase would be additional.


Send us pictures of your balcony

After sign up, send us pictures of your balcony from all angles, long shots and some videos

#teamCRE will share Moodboard

We will put together the moodboard with our recommendations

Finalise the items

Finalise the exact items you would like to use based on our recommendations and inventory.

Fix a date for the Makeover

Based on availability of team and items, we will schedule the Makeover Day

Voila! You have a cute cosy corner

#teamCRE will take 4-5 hours to transform your balcony. We will come with all the equipments and take necessary precautions too

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