Design and Decor is our first love at CRE. However the lockdown and staying at home has equipped us better to handle remote consulting. No matter which part of the world you are in, our team of designers will help you conceptualise your dream wedding. Whether it is an Intimate Wedding in your home planned by yourself or you have a decorator involved, we will plan and design your wedding to the tiniest detail.

CRE Remote Consulting Fee: INR 1,18,000/-
The above fee is for 3 functions

What Does This Include?

Detailed Presentation
Production Sheet
Design Files
Detailed calls with Local Vendor
Detailed calls with Florist teams


Share pictures with #teamCRE

Signup with #teamCRE and share pictures of the various venues you have finalised

#teamCRE will share Moodboard

We will create a moodboard based on your style and requirements

#teamCRE will share Detailed PPT

A detailed presentation with all decor details shall be shared

#teamCRE will share Production sheet

This will be an element wise break up of all items recommended by us

#teamCRE will connect to local vendors

Our team will connect to your local vendors or if you and handhold you through the entire process of successful execution

Payment Terms:

1. We accept payments through a third party Application.

2. You will get a payment confirmation from #teamCRE once the paymnt is processed within 24 hours.
3. Order once placed cannot be cancelled or modified.

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